5 Step Framework to Stay updated with AI

Worried about how to upskill in AI? Follow this 5-step framework to get advanced about AI. 1.Explore Practical Applications in Data Science Dive into practical Data Science by reading blogs from -Netflix: -Tripadvisor: -Duolingo: -Meta: -Spotify:

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Curious about the future of RPA with AI?

Curious about the future of RPA with AI? As we delve into the next frontier of automation, the fusion of Robotic Process Automation (RPA) with Artificial Intelligence (AI) is paving the way for transformative changes. Here’s a glimpse of the

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Explore the world of Machine Learning (ML)

Explore the world of Machine Learning (ML) with this complete guide. Uncover the secrets of each subset, from SUPERVISED to DEEP LEARNING, and discover how they revolutionize tasks in various industries. Find your perfect fit, and stay tuned for more

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Judged at HackMIT 2023 Hackathon

I had the incredible opportunity to be judge at HackMIT 2023 Hackathon, one of the most prestigious collegiate hackathons hosted annually by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology with over 1000+ college students from across the World. Met with incredibly intelligent young minds,

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