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I had the privilege to share a panel with Theresa J. Weaver and Sandra Byrd a recent ‘TechnicALLY Speaking’ event, engaging middle school students from Dottie Rose Foundation about automation and more. in a timely discussion on ‘Bridging the Digital Divide’. This event, graciously hosted by the Ally Bridging the Digital Divide Program, brought together tomorrow’s tech enthusiasts, industry leaders, and forward-thinkers.

We discussed at length the potential of digital resources, their current usage, and how to make them more accessible to all, regardless of geographical location or socioeconomic status. The exchange of insights, ideas, and experiences from diverse perspectives was truly enriching.

I want to express my heartfelt thanks to #Ally and the Dottie Rose Foundation. Their commitment to fostering an inclusive and equitable digital space is not only commendable but also inspirational. Their dedication fuels the dialogue that propels us towards a future where technology is accessible and inclusive for everyone.

As we move forward, I am more convinced than ever that we have the collective ability to bridge this digital divide. We owe it to ourselves and future generations.

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